Google Search Box

10 Cool Features Of The Google Search Box

Here is my entry for the latest Problogger Group Writing Project. If you would like to participate too, you can submit your entry before the end of the day Thursday August 17th.

I wanted to write about something that I thought would be very useful to anyone who uses the web. The search box on Google has some neat features in addition to searching. Here are my favorites:

  1. Calculator – performs math and conversions
    1. 5 miles in km
    2. 2 ^ 6
    3. 34 * 97
  2. URL Information – find out what sites link to a url
  3. Definitions – provides the definition of the word entered
    1. define Blog
  4. Phone Number Lookup – you can look up residential and business phone numbers
    1. starbucks new york
  5. Answers – you can enter in fact based questions and Google returns the answers
    1. population of united states
    2. birthplace of bill gates
  6. Site specific searches – if you enter a site:url then your search results are restricted to just that site
    1. list
  7. Stock quotes – enter a ticker and get a stock quote including a chart
    1. goog
  8. Weather
    1. weather san jose, ca
  9. Map Info
    1. 1 infinite loop, cupertino, ca
  10. Movies – display movie information for a given location or zip code
    1. movies 98104