Text Editors

Text Editors — Back To Vim!

Being the keyboard kind of guy that I am, I’ve totally gotten back into the Vim editor. I had used it years ago, and discovered it again recently when I was looking for a text editor for some Ruby code I was writing.

It’s one of those power tools that most people, myself included, really didn’t like very much the first time you use it. But then you achieve a certain level of proficiency and you can slice and dice any text you have to edit so quickly that you become very spoiled.

I also have switched to using a black background. I found a great dark color scheme for Vim called Moria, that I would highly recommend. It’s a very readable, easy on the eyes scheme, that just seems right to me. I’ve posted an image of my setup using the abbrev.rb file from Ruby 1.8.5.

If you like using keyboard shortcuts, you owe it to yourself to try the Vim text editor. It does take some time to get used to a modal editor, but if you are going to be editing lots of text, it’s time well spent.

I still really like the text editor built into Visual Studio and will continue to post any tips and keyboard shortcuts that I find useful there too.