Visual Studio

Visual Studio Keyboard Tip #7 – Incremental Search

The Visual Studio editor has a very useful incremental search feature built in. Let’s try it out.

  • Create a new Windows Application project.
  • Open up the Form1.Designer.cs file in the editor.
  • CTRL + I (this activates Incremental search mode)
  • Type: “disp” (without the quotes)
  • The selection should have moved to the first match of “disp” in the file.
  • Type CTRL + I again. This moves you to the next match.
  • CTRL + SHIFT + I moves you to the previous match.
  • BACKSPACE removes the last character from the search string.
  • ESC cancels incremental search mode.

Visual Studio Keyboard Tip #6 – Find Window Command Line

There’s a great feature hidden in the Find Window Combo Box that is part of the standard Toolbar in Visual Studio.

  1. Open Visual Studio
  2. CTRL + N (Create a new file) choose “HTML Page”
  3. Position the cursor on the tag
  4. Press CTRL + /
  5. The focus should have shifted to the Find Combo Box
  6. Type >
  7. Now type E
  8. Cool! It’s a command line with built in Intellisense.
  9. Type dit.LineT
  10. The entry for Edit.LineTranspose should be selected
  11. Press enter

You’ll notice that the and tags are now transposed. Take a few minutes to look around at what commands are available in this list. You can browse the list by entering one letter at a time. For example “>a” to see all the items that begin with a.
This is a great way to quickly execute commands that aren’t mapped to convenient keyboard shortcuts.