Running Fedora Core 6 On Microsoft’s Virtual PC 2007

I was able to get Fedora Core 6 running very well on Microsoft’s Virtual PC 2007 with just two small tweeks. The main problem is the emulated S3 video card doesn’t support 24 bpp mode, whereas the actual hardware card does! I wish I could find the blog or newsgroup post that I found that originally pointed this out so I could give credit to whoever figured this out — thanks! If you know please contact me and I’ll update the blog post.

Here’s all that i had to do:

  1. Run the install in text mode. You do this by entering “linux text” without the quotes at the initial prompt.
  2. When Fedora boots:
  • Login
  • vi /etc/X11/xorg.conf
  • In normal mode: type /DefaultDepth — which if you are not familiar with vi, just means search for the string “DefaultDepth”
  • Change 24 to 16
  • :wq to save and exit vi
  • Enter “startx” without the quotes at the terminal to start X.
    That’s all you should need to do!

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